ANTfinity is an ant blog for those interested in ants, keeping ants, observing ants, photographing ants or for those who just want to learn a little bit more about these tiny, yet important creatures. With ANTfinity, I endeavour to record the progress of my own ant colonies, but also to share my experience in order to encourage everyone else to keep ants. Furthermore, I will share interesting facts and scientific knowledge of the subject. ANTfinity is not only restricted to ants, as other interesting animals and subjects will also occasionally be discussed.

I am a student fascinated by, but not professionally involved with ants. Keeping ants is a hobby of mine, alongside with several other random hobbies. I have been keeping ants since 2010. Species I have experience with in captivity are Lasius niger, Lasius fuliginosus, Lasius flavus, Formica fusca, Myrmica rubra, Messor barbarus, Messor structor, Pheidole pallidula, Polyrhachis dives, Temnothorax sp. and few more. I will keep track of the colonies I own, and your input would be greatly appreciated.

“ANTfinity” is a portmanteau, blended together from the words “ant” and “infinity”, a word not only implying my limitless fascination for these organisms, but also describing their abundant presence on our planet. Considering that ants make up a very large part of the Earth’s terrestrial biomass and that they can be found in nearly every biotope, and not to mention, their utterly important role in ecosystems, calling them infinite seems not so exaggerated. No matter how one puts it, one thing is for sure: ants will, without doubt, survive us.

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