Is The World’s First Interactive Ant Map is the world’s first interactive ant map and it’s awesome. It shows information about the geographic habitat of around 15,000 ant species. By clicking on a country or region on the map, a pop-up shows you a list of all native species of that country or region. Colors indicate the species-richness of a region (showing 0 native species for Greenland, and around 1,500 native species for Queensland). It’s even possible to select a subfamily or genus to see where they occur. But that’s not all. I would suggest playing with the map to see for yourself what its possibilities are.

The map uses the Global Ant Biodiversity Informatics (GABI) database, a project led by the same two people responsible for The GABI database is funded by the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology and the University of Hong Kong.

Just like and, is a very useful website for myrmecologists, but also for hobbyists and ant keepers who are interested in ant diversity. Therefore I will add it to the links in the sidebar.

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