New Page: Ant Caresheets

As a website for ant keepers, ANTfinity needs more elaboration in different ant species, so I’ve decided to add caresheets to ANTfinity for different species of ants. Caresheets are widely available on the internet for most pets, but they are lacking for ant species. They provide accessible and brief schemes with information about how to take care of a certain species. You can access ANTfinity’s ant caresheets through the Caresheets page. For now, I’ve only written a caresheet for Lasius niger, but I’ll write caresheets for more species soon. Subscribe to ANTfinity if you want to stay updated. Check out the caresheet for Lasius niger here or tell me which species you’d like to see a caresheet for in the comments. If you’d like to contribute by writing a caresheet for a certain species, you can use the Lasius niger caresheet as a template and e-mail it to me by using the contact form. If your caresheet will be used on the website, I’ll provide the caresheet with attribution and a link. Hopefully, the caresheets will contribute to making the ant keeping hobby more accessible and easy for beginners.

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