The Best Ant Documentaries out There

Despite their incredibly interesting behaviour, ants have been the subject of fewer documentaries than they should have. Ocassionally whole episodes are devoted to ants, but most of the time they pop up a few minutes in a documentary about insects. Fortunately there are some awesome documentaries out there completely devoted to ants, and in this post the best three ant documentaries are listed for your convenience. These documentaries have succesfully brought the wonderful world of ants to a broader audience.

Ants – Nature’s Secret Power

Bert Hölldobler, the ant guru himself, takes you into the life of many different species, thereby introducing you to the incredible world of ants. This documentary also includes the famous scene – probably known to many of those interested in ants – of a huge ant nest casted in concrete.

Empire of the Desert Ants

This BBC documentary narrows down the subject by focusing on one species, the wonderful honeypot ant (Myrmecocystus mimicus), which is known for having specialized workers with swollen gasters filled with food. Packed with splendid views inside the ants’ nests, “Empire of the Desert Ants “will not fail to amaze you.

Planet Ant – Life Inside the Colony

BBC’s “Life Inside the Colony” is my personal favorite. It’s about one of the most interesting and beautiful ants, the leafcutter ants. In this documentary, a huge colony of leafcutter ants is transported into a laboratory setup in order to study them. This gives the viewer an insight inside the colony as never seen before. Some other species are featured as well, like fire ants.

Enjoy! If you happen to know more interesting documentaries, please share with us in the comments.

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