Pokémon GO Is Just Like Ant Keeping

To everyone who heard the fuss about Pokémon GO, wouldn’t you also say that catching ants is similar to catching Pokémon? We go out ant try to catch as many species as possible, especially the rare ones, and test tubes are our Poké Balls.

Pokémon GO is a new augmented-reality mobile game which uses GPS and the Google Maps API, forcing the player to actually go out there and walk around in order to find Pokémon. I absolutely love the game, and I’ve been playing it for the past days straight. But when you’re out there, you could as well look for real animals and plants. Searching for insects, birding or identifying plants is just as fun as catching Pokémon (except for the battles). There are thousands and thousands species out there that you could discover.

I’ve made this comparison before to convince people that nature is really fun. As for me, I’m going to keep looking for species both in the Pokémon Universe and our universe. I’ll have my cake and eat it too.

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